23 December 2003 

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Royal Castle, Budapest - photo by Brian McMorrow
Budapest in Summer
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Brian McMorrow)




A fotók 2003 december 23-án készültek Budapesten.

A csodás fényekben a város igazi karácsonyi hangulatot árasztott, de az ilyenkor szokásos hó az idén elmaradt.

These photos were taken on the 23rd December 2003, when Budapest was richly decorated for Christmas.

The town had a special atmosphere ... and the only thing missing was 'snow' which normally 'belongs to Christmas' ....



Andrássy út
Andrássy Avenue is one of the wide main streets in Budapest, always having heavy traffic.

Andrássy út
Andrássy Avenue is 4 km long and under the road runs the oldest  underground train system of the Continent, which was put into service in 1896.

Szt. István Bazilika
The largest church of Budapest is Saint Stephen 's Basilica, which opened its gate in 1905 after more than 50 years construction.
Andrássy út
Andrássy Avenue after crossing the Grand Boulevard, runs out to Heroe's Square. On both sides of the avenue there are nice buildings from the 19th century.


Hősök tere, Milleneumi Emlékmű
The Heroes' Square is the biggest square in Budapest. This monumental edifice is a majestic memorial of the thousand-year history of Hungarians in Europe.

Műcsarnok, Hősök tere
The Palace of Art offers temporary exhibitions of Hungarian and foreign contemporary art.

Vajdahunyad Vár
The Vadahunyad Castle was built for the World Exhibition in 1896. It gives home for the Agricultural Museum.
The big ice-rink close to it is open during the winter months.
Szent István Bazilika
Saint Stephen's Basilica (1905) was named after the first king, founder of the Hungarian State and Christian Church in Hungary. He was crowned in year 1000.


Lánchíd és Királyi Palota
The Chain Bridge, the oldest bridge of Budapest (1849) is a symbol of Budapest. The Royal Palace is the most grandiose building on the Buda Side, on top of the Caste Hill.

Lánchíd és Királyi Palota
The Royal Castle has parts from the medieval times (fortress walls and bastion), and the Baroque palace was built in the 19th century, by emperor Maria Theresa.

Mátyás templom és Halászbástya
Mátyás Church and Fisher Bastion is another great sight of the Buda Castle Hill. The lion on the left side is one of the for statues guarding the bridge on both sides.
Nemzeti Színház
The old National Theater (1837) was destroyed in the 2nd WW. During a long period a 'temporary' building served as a national theater. In March 2002 the new extravagant theater oened its gate for the public.