Christmas 2005




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Evening of the 24th - in Budafok

1. At the Christmas tree 2. This photo was taken specially for my mother's album 3. This photo was taken by our brother-in-law, Gyula. 4. Clinking glasses with Gábors's sister, Márta

Lunch of 25th - in Mother's home

5. Ádám, Klári, Gábor, Gyuri, Katinka, Mother, Gyurci, Ibolya, Erzsi, Laci, Andris, Gergő
(Dani was taking this photo)

6. Ibolya, Erzsi, Laci, Andris, Gergő, Ádám, Klári, Gábor, Gyuri, Katinka, Mother, Gyurci,
(Dani was taking this photo)

7. Gyuri, Katinka, Mother

8. We were watching old photos

Another family meeting, on the 28th - in Budafok

9. Andris, Gergő and Ádám watching the computer in Ádám's room 10. Ibolya and Katinka making sandwiches in the kitchen 11. Erzsi and Laci watching photos 12. Katinka, Klárika and Tibi
13. Mother, János, Katinka 14. Gyurci, Gergő, Ádám 15. Andris and Dani, in Dani's room 16. Zsombor, Klárika's eldest grandchild


17. All the six granchildren of my mother
Standing: Dani, Katinka
Gyurci, Gergő, Andris, Ádám
18. On my website we found this old photo form 1966, where Laci and Klári are playing together 19. It was a funny idea to play the same Diabelli piece. We still remembered it a little bit.