Financial crisis         Hungarian                           


If you do not know what is the meaning of  "financial crisis", read the following story.

1. Once upon a time there lived a man in a little village of India. One day he announced to the village people, that he is buying monkeys, and pays 10 $ for each..

2. The village people were happy, because there were plenty of monkeys around. So they went to the forest to catch them.

3. The man bought thousands of monkeys, and paid 10 $  for each, as he had promised.
    As  time passed, there were less and less monkeys in the forest, and the villagers stopped catching them.
    Then the man announced, that he will buy now each monkey for 20 $ .
    The local people searched for new monkeys, and sold them to the man

4. After a short time, there were almost no monkeys in the area, and the villagers returned in their homes.
    The man lifted the price: now  promised 25  $ for each monkey. But the local people could hardly catch any.

5. Then the man promised 50 $ for each monkey, but he assigned a stand-in for buying the monkeys, since he had to travel  for a short time.

6. After he left, his stand-in told the people:
   "My boss bought so many monkeys from you. Look, so many cages are full with monkeys.
    I can offer those for you, to buy each for 35 $. When my boss will return, you can sell him each for 50 $ ."

7. The villagers used all their saved money for buying the monkeys, and they bought all the monkeys.

8. Then the stand-in disappeared, and none of the two men returned never again to the village.
    And there were again lot of monkeys in the surrounding forests..