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We  spent a nice, autumn weekend with our friends in Vértes mountain. The village where they have a vineyard, is called Csákberény.  We had a great time sitting on the terrace of the cute  wine-press house. We managed to climb the mountain behind the little house, and we enjoyed the spectacular view  over the valley.


The klittle house of our friends
in Vértes mountain (village Csákberény).
Szucsi, Uka, Zsoldi and Kata. Sebi is lighting fire. Kata, Akos, Klari, Uka, Szucsi, Sebi.   


Another photo of the house..  We climbed the hill.
Metal-blue painted buggy. Spectacular view from the 


                         Klari, Akos, Kata, Szucsi  the plateau......
The weather was sunny, so we could see the whole valley from this


Akos, standing between the twin-tees.
          A 'tree-ruin'....
     These rocky plants are 
          protected creatures.
Another protected wildflower
         is the blue-bell.



From the plateau the view
     was fantabulous.

   You can recognize the  
      autumn colors here.

     See downstairs! It is our
           friends house, and 
Uka and Sebi are standing there.
The weather was good enough 
        to stay outside.



      eautiful sunset!        Snaily....(slowly!) Bubbling gulyás soup....           Sebi and Zsoldi.


      Kata is picking grapes.     It was not really cold....  




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