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These photos were taken by me (Gábor) in Oslo, when I attended a training course at the company Tandberg.

On Sunday, and late afternoon and evening during the weekdays we had chance for sightseeing, walking in the town, visiting museums and attending other amusements.
Oslo, the capital of Norway has more than half million inhabitants. The downtown is small, with shops, museums, entertainment facilities. The town is located around the blue water of Oslo Fiord, and with its large parks and forests it is a charming place, attracting more than one million tourists annually.


Copenhagen from above A bridge connecting two islands The Airport Express in Oslo Airport Tram  in Oslo


Akershus Fortress is on a hill overlooking the harbor. A street in the night
Another street in the night
Deer statues on a small island


Frogner Park, Gustav Vigeland Sculpture Park in Oslo. 
Gustav Vigeland (1869-1943) is indisputably the most famous Norwegian sculptor. 
The park contains 192 sculptures with more than 600 figures, all modeled in full size by Gustav Vigeland without the assistance of pupils or other artists.
The Monolith. The column, 14.12 meters (46 feet) high carved out of a single block of stone, consists of 121 figures.


The Fram Museum. 
The main attraction is FRAM, the famous polar ship, which is mentioned as the strongest vessel of the world.

FRAM was used in several Arctic and Antarctic expeditions (North and South Pole). 

Visit the attractive website of
The Kon-Tiki Museum. 
In 1969 in Kon-Tiki balsa wood vessel a crew of six men sailed  from  Peru to Polynesia in 101 days.
In the background: one of the famous moai stone heads from Easter Islands.
Ra II. 
Thor Heyerdahl built this 45 foot long copy of an ancient Egyptian papyrus vessel in 1969. 
He completed his transatlantic crossing in 57 days (4000 miles)


Evening entertainment: Playing curling in a big ice hall.


This is Frognersaether
pub in Oslo on the top of a hill. 

View from the pub: 
- a fiord in the background,
- interesting grass-roof houses in the foreground.
Inside of the nice pub.

View from the table.


The same panorama from the pub, at late night. View from the hotel window
at dawn.
Trying a Magnum 44 in a shooting hall. This is still Oslo. Not Africa!


Training sessions in TANDBERG.    -     Easy-to-use and reliable videoconferencing systems.


An 'ancient' tape recorder from Tandberg. Photo of Tandberg building.
Another photo of Tandberg building.
The Royal Palace is situated on a hill at the end of Karl Johans Gate.


A 'statue fellow' in Olso's downtown.
An elegant 'salonger'  in Oslo.....
... built in a beautiful natural environment. ... and the evening show was of great fun.


Sunset from the airplane.

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