'CORSICA - SARDEGNA - TUNISIA 2002'          

                                       Klára Ámon and Gábor Zsoldos                               


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In 2002 we planned a journey to Tunisia.      Find attached our best  PHOTOS.   
We decided to take our own car by ferry. 
Finally we bought the following ferry tickets: 

 - Livorno - Corsica, 
 - Corsica - Sardegna,
 - Sardegna - Tunisia and
 - Tunisia - Genova.
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Tunisia is a country of superb beaches, spectacular desert scenery of Great Sahara, 
and a wealth  of historical sites dating back 2500 years ago, when the ancient city of 
Carthago dominated the Mediterranean area. Besides Romanic and Punic archeological 
sites, masterpieces of Arab-Islamic architecture attract the visitors. 
We traveled by our own Mitsubishi Pajero, equipped with navigation tools (GPS 
and computer), which we took by ferry to Tunisia.  Our Hungarian plate number was unique,
and also not many foreign cars occurred on the streets.









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